"Cafe Spleen" is a multimedia performance made in collaboration with the performance collective "Ideagnosis". It is a feminine reflection on the atmosphere of uncertainty and darkness before any of the Great Wars. Hypnotist takes a total control over the movements of six ladies until the moment they get on the other side of the paper screen and tear it. Hypnotist is killed. Moment of joy is followed by confusion - and what to do now?! Projection is composed from the short films of Segundo de Chomon and Stan Brakhage. Performance team: Vika Eksta - idea, directing, projection, performing; Simona Orinska - choreography; Dzintars Briedis - techical assistant; Arvis Kantiševs - synthesizer; Erna Daudzvārde, Diāna Dreimane, Laura Feldberga, Anda Hūna, Zanda Priedīte, Ieva Tihovska - perfroming. Photo: Lolita Kalniņa. Video - Arturs Hnikins