28/08/2019 Next Saturday 7th of Semptember in Raiņa un Aspazijas muzejs will be an opening of an exhibition EMOJI POETRY based on creative research of the emoji language and it's possible uses in creation and translation of poetry. The show is done in collaboration with computer programmer NB and will also feature works sent by various people for the Emoji poetry open call.

26/04/2019 Today is the opening of "P." - my solo show at ALMA gallery. It is held in the framework of the Riga Photography Biennial. Curator: Tomass Pārups. Come and visit until 14th of June.

09/04/2019 My photobook Dievs Daba Darbs and also a small selection of prints can be seen in Belgrade Photomonth as part of the exhibition "Photobooks from the Baltics" curated by Evita Goze. On view until 25th of April.

21/02/2019 LIFE AND POETRY OF EIZHENS BERGS - exhibition opens today at Kim? contemporary art center in Riga. It is a research based on the bits and pieces from a found archive of the unknown Latvian avant-garde poet Eugene Bergs made in collaboration with poets Einārs Pelšs, Raimonds Ķirķis, Artis Ostups. Exhibition is curated by Laura Brokāne and will be on display until 7th of April.

17/01/2019 Exhibition MELOS is opening today. I will be performing at the opening. MELOS is a collaboration between artists Anna Ceipe, Vika Eksta and Līga Spunde that invites visitors to enter and explore mise-en-scene of the melodrama movie. Curator: Līna Birzaka-Priekule. Opening on 17th of January. Will be seen at Arsenāla Radošā darbnīca until 24th of February.

28/11/2018 Taking part in the launch of the publication "Shaping desired futures"  Happy to be one of the artists selected for the publication with my "Wallpaper diaries" series. Event takes place during the final conference of the project "Trauma and Revival: cultural relations in Europe and beyond" in BOZAR contemporary art centre in Brussels.

01/11/2018 Installing "Vitol's archeology" - research art exhibition in the city museum of Valmiera. It is a visual research on artistic legacy and collection of the folklore materials made by a photographer and visual arts teacher Juris Vitols who lived in Valmiera in the beginning of the 20th centruy. Opening will take place on 8th of November.

25/10/2018 Finally!!! Photobook Dievs Daba Darbs is self-published in 200 copies and is avaliable for purchase. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested. Book launch will take place today in the Bolderāja book bar in Riga. I am super excited.

11/10/2018 My project The Devil's lake was shortlisted for the New East Photo Prize 2018 and will be seen in the group exhibition at Calvert 22 gallery in London until 2nd of December. Super happy.

10/06/2018 Will be doing performance "Nebula within" together with noise artist and poet Jelena Glazova during the STARPTELPA Performance art festival. Performance is dedicated to my great-aunt Zonja who suffered from mental illness most of her life.17/06/2018 RISEBA, Riga

25/06/2018 Pleased to announce that my solo show "The Devil's lake" will be seen in the ISSP gallery, Riga. For two years I was trying to capture the atmosphere  of this round and deep lake with intensely green water that is located in the middle of a forest in the Aglona district in Eastern Latvia. Although various myths and secrets surround the lake, there are no records of it in the Archives of Latvian Folklore. Possible, very few ethnographic expeditions have traveled to this region, but perhaps interest in Velnezers has grown only recently. Let's dive deep! Opening on 8th of June.

01/15/2018 Preparing for a solo show in Kulture Communication Centre gallery in Klaipeda, Lithuania as part of the 3FREE project. Will be exhibiting Dievs Daba Darbs series and premiering new work about: The Devil's Lake. 3FREE is a contemporary art project of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia dedicated to commemoration of 100th anniversary of the restoration of three Baltic states.  Opening on 18th of May.

18/04/2018 Will teach two workshops on GIF and photography in Riga. 28th of April in Fototelpa and in Riga Art Space on 13th and 14th of May in collaboration with Riga Photography Biennial. 

10/03/2018 Curating an analogue experimental photography exhibition for the Process film festival. Exhibition will take place in Micelijs gallery from 17th to 25th of March.

18/01/2018. Toms Harjo and Arnis Balčus from FK magazine made a video about my self-portrait related artistic practise. Please watch it here. Video has English subtitles.

08/11/2017. Book "Dievs Daba Darbs" and interactive exhibition "Snakes and Ladders" will be on display in the show dedicated to performance for the camera in Gedok gallery in Munich from 11th of November until 24th.

03/11/2017. During one weekend my work with portrayal of the men from Eastern Europe was discussed in two conferences dedicated to image and gender studies: "Fast forward - Women in Photography" in National Gallery of Arts in Vilnius and "Kultūras kruspunkti" in Latvian Academy of Culture. 

16/10/2017. Back home. Enjoying autumn and researching archive of photographer Maksim Belogrudov who made fantastic portraits in my native village in 1950s and 1960s. Research will be presented in the exhibition "You received 1234 unread messages. The last generation before internet. Their lives"  in the Latvian National Art museum in December

17/09/2017. I am in residency in Cittadelarte Fondazzione Pistoletto - a fantastic place for artistic creation in Italian Alps. Will stay here until the end of September working on the project in the framework of Trauma and Revival programm.

15/09/2017. Summer was really active and there was not much time to be at computer. Created a research art piece - intervention in the . Updating the website with new work only now - when the harvest season arrived.

21/06/2017. Selection of Summer pictures from my ongoing project about the Devil's lake published on arterritory website  

Wish everyone to have exciting Summer adventures!

23/05/2017. Dear friends, online exhibition of animated GIF "Snakes and Ladders" made by me, sound artist Jena Zoldaka and curated by Paola Paleari can still be seen on asa nisi masa online gallery until the 16th of June as a part of Riga Photography Biennial program. Here is the short trailer of the show!

15/05/2017. I will spend five days in Moscow as a part of the "Trauma and Revival" project group. Looking forward so much.

09/05/2017. My video installation Elegy is exhibited in the group show "Place where everything is better" in Valga museum, Estonia. In july this exhibition will travel to KKC in Riga.

27/04/2017. My photobook dummy "Dievs Daba Darbs" got shortlisted by the KASSELS Photobook festival. That means that the book has embarked on a year long travel throughout the many of the European Photography events. It will be first seen at the Istanbul Photofestival and than at the first Moscow Photobookfest (at the same time it will also be at the Self Publish Riga book exhibition). Later book will travel to the festivals in Rome, Dublin, Madrid, Oslo, Zagreb, Bratislawa and some more.

10/04/2017. Dear friends! My moving photography exhibition "SNAKES and LADDERS" is finally online on anm gallery platform! To enjoy the show all you need is a bit of free time and computer with internet connection. Show is curated by Paola Paleari. Sound artist: Jena Zoldaka

20/03/2017. Talking with FK magazine about 5 sources of my creative inspiration 

09/03/2017. Happy to announced that my video piece DUST AND GOLD made during the residency in the Townhouse gallery in Cairo is finally available online. Please, have a look!

31/01/2017. Spent a weekend in Riga with wonderful Paola Paleari editing the material for an online gifart exhibition "Snakes and Ladders" that will be on ANM gallery since 8th of April. Lots of work still to be done!

31/12/2016. While the new year is coming I am finishing the unfinished. Finally uploaded video of the Dievs Daba Darbs book project.

14/12/2016. Some images of my project "Devil' s lake" will be seen in the exhibition "HACIA DÓNDE MIRAR" in EFTI school of photography in Madrid and will also be feature in the newspaper EXC! nr.5.

26/11/2016. Editing video and preparing for the presentation of multi media works produced during the residency in Cairo. Event will take place on 1st of December in Aleponija, Riga!

14/11/2016. My article on Cairo experiences was published in the website. It is ilustrated by still and moving photographs. Check it out :)

25/10/2016. ADC Young Guns award arrived to my home in Graveri village from the NY city where I have never been. Heavy thing, can be used as a killing weapon. 

01/10/2016. In Cairo, Egypt for almost a week already I am a visiting artist at TOWNHOUSE gallery. Still can't  believe I am really here. Staying here until 18th of October.

23/09/2016. Honored to beetween the thirty ADC Young Guns award winners of this year.

13/09/2016. In Amsterdam installing work in Machinegebouw of Wetgasfabriek where the wonderful art festival NEUNOW will take place. Opening is tomorrow! Come if you happen to be around!

22/08/2016. Preparing an exhibition that is based on the images of Latvian lyrical dissident poet Knuts Skujenieks taken during two and a half years by me and Paulis Jakušonoks. It will be shown in Latvian National library from 25th of Augst till 20th of September.

22/07/2016. On tour in Lithuania - my exhibition was opened in the beautiful space of Kaunas photography gallery in the old town and will be on display until 14th of August

18/07/2016. Today the online exhibition of the project "WE EXIST" was launched and it will stay online permamently. WE EXIST is a collaboration between Spanish artist Cristina Nuñez, a group of students of the Oslo Fotokunstskole and groups of inmates (men and women) of three Norwegian prisons: Bredtveit, Ila and Ullersmo. The project gives voice to the prisoners and involves the public in a creative dialogue through several outputs, in order to help to deconstruct and dispel the stigma surrounding the labels and stereotypes often associated with offenders. My work is presented in the invited artists section that features artists committed to the self portrait experience method and autobiographical research.

Enjoy the show here

17/07/2016. Going to Kaunas (Lithuania) today to set up exhibition in Kaunas Photography gallery. Opening will be on Thursday 21st of July. Exhibition will be on until 14th of August. Come and see!

06/07/2016. My book project dummy "Dievs Daba Darbs" got featured in "The Eyes" magazine issue "Matters of Territories" that is avaliable since its presentation 4th of July at Arles Photofestival.

30/01/2016. Going to Pelči village in Latvia to teach a community art workshop "Legends of Pelči" where together with local people we will explore and interpret photographically local legends - both contemporary and ancient. Workshop is taking place in the framework of the ISSP (International Summer School of Photography)

11/06/2016. Feeling proud of being part of the project "We exist" and assisting great artist and teacher Cristina Nunez at the self portrait workshop in Ullersmo prison. Now project has a well designed blog featuring the images made by the inmates and images and texts about the backstage and meaning of this work.

08/06/2016. Shooting new project on the mysterious Devil' s lake (Velnezers) near Aglona, Latvia

13/05/2016. Here is the link to the video of an installation that explores representation of the athlete body (both professional and amateur) in the newsreels produced in Latvia during the Soviet Period. Installation was made for the exhibition "Olympic body" in Mukusalas art salon in Riga (curated by Liga Lindenbauma)

10/05/2016. Very honoured taking part in this new FK publication dedicated to female photographers in Latvia, as well as being part of Riga Photomonth 2016

25/04/2016. I was selected for a residency in the Townhouse gallery in Cairo this autumn. Will do creative work with the gallery archive. Hurrah!!!!

22/04/2016. The Moving Photography wall and "Dievs Daba Darbs" exhibited in Riga Art Space from 22.05. to 15.05.2016. Thanks to Riga Photography Biennial for this great oportunity. Foto: Paulis Jakušonoks

14/04/2016. My article about Latvian newsreels published in open source journal "Apparatus. Film, Media and Digital Cultures in Central and Eastern Europe" (in Latvian with an abstract in English). Was researching this topic since 2011.

These are the screenshots from the newsreel about the civil defence training near the Latvian town of Tukums ir 1975. Newsreel Soviet Latvia Nr. 32. (1975, Varis Krūmiņš). Rīgas kino studija.

Full text

07/04/2016. Happy that my picture was included in the beautiful postcard compilation promoting work of ten young Latvian photographers and published by ISSP.

02/04/2016. My animated gifs from the series "Missing lifes" are exhibited in the show of the Circulations festival in 104 CENTQUATRE Paris. The opening of the show hit the records - 6 000 people came to see it!

26/02/2016. My solo show "Dievs Daba Darbs" in Ziemelblazma art space is nominated to "Diena" year´s award in Visual Arts as one of the five most interesting art events in Latvia in 2015. Prize will be given to one nominant by the group of experts on 22nd of March. Until than it is also possible to vote for the event in order to decide general spectator´s favorite.

22/02/2016. Animated gif series "Missing lifes" will be shown in the Circulations festival in Paris from 256h of March till 26th of June and after will go on tour around the Europe. Here is the selection of gifs that will be seen in this festival.

13/02/2016. My installation "Treasures of Jugla" is officially closed and exluded from the exhibition "Lost in the archive" in Riga Art space because of misunderstanding with the exhibition curators. First they decided to change spatial aligment of the installation before the opening without letting me know it and later refused to change everything back. So we agreed to close down the thing. At least there is a self published volume about the archive remains. Here comes it' s cover.

30/01/2016. I am happy to participate in a group exhibition "Lost in the archive" that will start in the Riga Art Space on 4th of February with an installation "Treasures of Jugla" that is an analysis of a found amateur archive from mid 1970ties Latvia - slides from travels of married couple and their meticulously arranged photo albums. Here is the picture of me installing the work

21/01/2016. Will be participating in the young artist meeting PLATFORM 2016 in Fotomuseum Winthertur, Switzerland from 29th to 31st of January. Really looking forward!

07/01/2016. Happy because my work got featured on DazedDigital list of the talents of December in great company of artists like Salvi Danes, Noora-Maija Tokee, Christopher Rodriguez, Olivia Arthur, Dimitry Lookianov and others

27/12/2015. Back to Latvia. Enjoying holidays and shooting in Graveri and Kraslava. My New Years wish is to have a lot of energy, inspiration, intuition, love, friendship and financial resources to continue creative work and life! Kiss to everyone!

10/12/2015. I was interviewed by Ostsee mag. Thanks to Igor Trepeschenok for interesting questions.

02.12.2015. My work featured in Fotografia magazine. And there is also an interview. So nice :)

15.11.2015. - I went to Paris photo and happened to be quite close to the district where attacks happened. Next day not to be alone in the apartment I went to visit a friend Camilla. Atmosphere of dumbness and heaviness. This is her bathroom.

10/11/2015. - I got selected as a winner of the Riga Photography Biennial Awards 2016 - Seeking the Latest in Photography! Yeah! That means that there is a chance to exhibit in the Riga Art Space in April 2016.

05/11/2015. - Currently I am in Bratislava, Slovakia participating in an exhibition Baltic Contemporary Photography from 5th to 22nd of November in the exhibition space of the Bratislava castle together with other four Baltic artists - Ieva Epnere, Ivars Gravlejs, Marge Monko and Mindaugas Ažusilis. Here is the picture of the entrance to the exhibition space.

17/10/2015. - My work is featured in "The Guardian"

08/10/2015. - Reasearching my surname in google found this logo. Writing says that this logo was created when Eksta became the year's parish of Gotland in 2007. It would be so nice to make a project in this place some day

06/10/2015. - Just learned that I was featured in German newspaper article on Bremen photomonth on 29th of August. Their headline - Photography as a time machine is the one that most precisely reflects on my intentions.

01/10/2015. - My work is featured in "The Calvert Journal" - article "Wildest dreams"  Latvia through the eyes of five young photographers" by Maija Rudovska

25/09/2015 - My work is exhibited in the group show "Private/Public" in Galerie Mitte in Bremen, Germany until 8th of November

22/09/2015 - My project "Dievs Daba Darbs" will be presented in Just another photo festival photo festival in New Delhi, India together with the work of two other Latvian artists - Ieva Raudsepa, Reinis Hofmanis, Reinis Lismanis and Andrejs Strokins from 25.09. - 30.09 as a part of a collection of Latvian photography curated by Evita Goze (ISSP).

17/09/2015 - My project Dievs "Daba Darbs" will be exhibited in Pingyao photo festival in China together with the work of two other Latvian artists - Ieva Epnere and Andrejs Strokins from 19.09. - 25.09. Theme of the festival is "Home and Dream" Thanks to Riga Photography Biennial for organising this show.