May 2019 Teaching a course "Photographers work with own self" for the first year students of the ISSP photography school

Aril 2019 Teaching a workshop on self-portraiture and performance for the camera "I look at myself" during the World Film Festival

March - June 2019 Teaching several workshops on self-portraiture in various schools in collaboration with the Latvian Centre of contemporary art.

September 2018 Teaching a creative workshop for the ISSP First year students in an amazing location of the Rucka manor in Cesis.

April - May 2018 Will teach three workshops on GIF and photography in Riga. 28th of April in Fototelpa (open for applications), on 8th of May for the students of Riga Art and Media college  and in Riga Art Space on 13th and 14th of May (open for applications) in collaboration with Riga Photography Biennial

October 2017: Teaching a workshop on methodology of self-portrait experience and other approaches to self portraiture to Latvian Art therapy Association on 21st of October in Riga

October 2017: Teaching a course on self portraiture and autobiographical projects to the second year students of the ISSP photography program, Riga, Latvia

August 2017: Teaching a week long creative photography Summer camp for professional photographers and students in Ezera Skanas festival, Vestiena, Latvia

April - May 2017: I will be teaching a two session workshop on moving (GIF) photographs to ISSP students in Riga. Sessions will take place on 22nd of April and 2nd of May.

July - August 2016: Going to Pelči village in Latvia to teach a community art workshop where together with local people we will explore and interpret photographically local legends - both contemporary and ancient. Workshop is taking place in the framework of the ISSP (International Summer School of Photography)

more info here:

June 2016: Project "We exist" (self portraits in the Norvegian prisons) now has a well designed blog with the images made by the inmates and images and texts about the backstage and meaning of this work

April 2016: it will be a great pleasure to be an assistant and a student of a Spanish artist Cristina Nunez in a Self portrait experience workshop that will be held in a Ulersmo male prison in Oslo. This workshop will be held in the framework of a project "We exist. Self Portraits in prison" funded by the EEA Grants.

Here is more info about the project:

February 2016: I will be a student and assistant of a Spanish artist Cristina Nunez in a workshop "Self portrait experience" that will take place in Espazio Lambrate, Milan on 5th and 6th of February

January 2016: I will teach a one day workshop on self-portraiture in Kraslava fotoclub "Zibsnis" on 23rd of January

August 2015: teenager workshop "Into the wild" - ten days workshop for eleven young people from Kuldiga district in collaboration with Vincen Beekman (BE) in the framework of International Summer School of Photography (ISSP). We went on a two day trip into nature and studied photography combining documentary shooting with game and staged action. Selection of the pictures by Vincen:

Full description of the workshop:

Winter of 2014 - 2015: Self portrait workshop in Jelgava male prison in Latvia collaboration with the NGO “Šķeļot viļņus”. During the sessions of this trainings 10 young men (under 30 y.o.) reflected on their daily life in prison and things/emotions that they are missing, created concepts and sketches how to visualise it in photographs, created a DIY photo studio in one of the prison rooms and did self portrait sessions there. As a trainer I ensured the best possibility for them to create the images that they have designed.

More information about this non-formal educational programme for young people in prisons:

August 2014: teenager workshop "My story" done in collaboration with personal development trainer Luca Crivellari and photographer Nedo Baglioni in the framework of ISSP (International Summer School of Photography), Latvia. The participants of the workshop - 12 young people from the village of Pelči and surroundings were learning the basics of photographic language, at the same time reflecting upon their life, people and things that matter to them, their dreams and future plans. Results of the workshop are avaliable here:

January - May 2014: Photography basics course for 14 adults and youngsters from Riga done in collaboration with Bolderaja tourism network. During the course students learned basics of photography, took a quick look on the history of the medium and did a lot of practice in studio and outside and created small series of personal work. Gallery of our little final show: