Velnezers (Devil's Lake) or Čertoks - a round and deep lake with intensely green water - is located in the middle of a forest in the Aglona district in Eastern Latvia. Although various myths and secrets surround the lake, there are no records of it in the Archives of Latvian Folklore. Possible, very few ethnographic expeditions have traveled to this region, but perhaps interest in Velnezers has grown only recently. Vika Eksta does not seek to discover the truth, but rather to capture the nature of Velnezers and its peculiar magnetizing force. The lake is familiar to Vika since her childhood, when she was living nearby. Images were taken in 2015 - 2018. Project was exhibited in the ISSP gallery in Riga, KKKC gallery in Klaipeda and became a finalist of the New East Photo Prize exhibition.